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Top Restaurants for Valentine's Day in Florence, SC

Posted by on Sunday, January 22, 2017,
After living in the Pee Dee area for 4 years (Including Florence and Hartsville), my husband and I have celebrated 3 Valentine's Days here. This upcoming Valentine's Day will be our fourth. We've dined at many restaurants throughout the year and some are perfect places for a very romantic night.'s suggestions for your date on Valentine's Day! (scroll down) 

Downtown Florence area:
  1. Town Hall (101 W. Evans) - This is hand's down the most romantic and maybe expensive of the bunch b...

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Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Town Hall in Florence, SC (Pictures)

Posted by on Wednesday, January 11, 2017,
For our  4th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a dinner reservation at the newest restaurant in downtown Florence called Town Hall. 

Once we stepped inside Town Hall, I couldn't believe I was still in Florence. The restaurant felt modern and urban and even the people didn't look like they're from this town. It was a busy night and the service was still excellent. Here was what we ordered. (Pictures below.) 

This was from their specialty cocktail menu. It was mixed very well and ...
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