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Full Day Daycare and Childcare rates/prices in Florence for infants - 5 years old

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I have been calling a handful of childcare/daycare prices/rates for my 1 year old since May 2017. I think the rates are safe to apply for any child between the ages of 3 months - before kindergarten (between 4 or 5 years old). This is for full day care. To save you some trouble, here are my findings. 

Saint Paul United Methodist Church - Their all day care is between 6:45am - 6pm and the cost is $125 per week so that equates to about $500 per month, per child. This includes breakfast, lunch and all snacks. (843) 669-3134

Central United Methodist Church Preschool - Edit for 2018: Central United Methodist Preschool's regular program is from 9AM - Noon and you can extend the care to 2:30pm as part of their lunch brunch program and until 4:30PM for another additional cost. Please call them to double check if anything has changed. Their program gets full very quickly! This is maybe not the best place for full time day care if you work beyond 4pm. 

La Petite Academy -
Their all day childcare is from 6AM - 6PM with breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack included. This is a chain and they are located all over the US. They follow a great preschool structure that's appropriate by age and the chain itself has been around for decades. They also provide an after school program for kids in elementary school. The quote I was given was $154 per week for full time care for my little ones for Mon-Fri. This rate might have increased a bit. They are located in West Florence. Address: 3501 Pine Needles Rd, Florence, SC 29501 Tel: (843) 662-9808. Price is around $616 a month. 

South Florence Baptist Daycare - Their all day care is from 6:30am - 6pm and cost is $111 per week. It is for ages 6 weeks old - 4 years old. They have individual classrooms for each age level and offer the A-Beka Christian Curriculum. They provide a hot breakfast, lunch, and snacks – all included in your child’s tuition cost. They also use separate age-specific fenced playgrounds.

Charlie Brown Day Care - Their all day care is $125 a week so that is about $500 a month. (843) 665-1226. They are the closest to FDTC (about 10 min) in the group of daycares that I researched. Address: 1800 Gregg Ave., Florence, SC 29501. 

Sunshine House - Their full time care is $155 a week, so that is about $620 a month. Address: 2009 Second Loop Rd., Florence, SC 29501. Meals and snacks are all included. 

First Presbyterian Church Child Development Center - From 7am - 6pm year round, the child development center provides all day care for $135 a week, which is about $540 a month. Mid-morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks are included. It is for ages 6 weeks - 4k. Address: 700 Park Ave., Florence, SC 29501

Immanuel Baptist Church Child Care - Their full time care is $122 a week from 7am - 6pm, which is approximately $488 per month.
Address: 306 Cherokee Rd., Florence, SC 29501 Tele: (843) 665-9004

I will update this page with more details as I continue my search for the right daycare for my child. I hope this is helpful! Note that prices may have increased since I've called these places. Please note that each month has more than 4 weeks but I used 4 weeks as my calculation to compare the rates with each other.

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