For moms expecting or have little ones, going out to the grocery store to pick up grocery items can be such a task! Now Instacart is available in Florence, South Carolina. Save yourself that trip to the market — Instacart delivers groceries in as little as an hour! So if you order the groceries online from Instacart early in the day, you can get your groceries within the same day! 

Right now if you use the following special referral Instacart link to sign up, you can get $10 off. I'm not sure if they will offer this special just by typing Special link is:

Here are the following stores in the Florence, South Carolina area that are hooked up with Instacart and will be responsible for delivering your groceries via Instacart: Sam's Club, Aldi, CVS Pharmacy and Petco. Go to Instacart to try it out and use special link to sign up to save $10. (For first order only.)