I had my first visit at the new Local Motive Brewing in Downtown Florence last week and I was pretty impressed! It felt urban like many other brewery restaurants that I've been to before. They had flights of 4 for just $7! That is a steal! The flights that I had were 2 IPA's, a light beer and a new peach one and I have to say that these brewers know what they are doing! They also had high chairs so kids are allowed! Their food is also well done! The Royale with Cheese is a burger that's very tasty! I also ordered The Yard Bird Philly and I wasn't as impressed. It is still good but I would prefer the burger instead. For my 3 year old, I ordered the chicken bites with fries under the "Half Pint" list. Be sure to ask for fries to be unseasoned if you like them plain! 

Here are pictures from my visit below: 

Picture of inside the Local Brewing Company

My four flights. $7 for all 4 and I definitely shared with my husband!

Yard Bird Philly

Chicken Bites and unseasoned fries 

We can't wait to come back to Local Motive Brewing again to try their new brews! What a gem in Florence!