Looking for a new fun hobby? Try a paint night from Paint Nite, a national company that hosts paint night events in venues all over the U.S! Lucky for Florence, we have a couple of locations here to choose from! 

Find the painting you want to do: 
Paint Nite events at Mellow Mushroom in Florence, SC: Click here to see dates & times
Paint Nite events at Local Motive Brewing Company in Florence, SC: Click here to see dates & times

Special Offer: Get 40% by using the following Promo Code: LOCALVIP on the second page of your check out process. Normal price is $45. With LOCALVIP promo code, it is only $27. 

All events start at 7pm and end at 9pm and you can order a drink and/or food while you paint! (They may have different times in the future.)

Recently, this Florence mom took a break from a regular night and joined another friend at a Paint Nite event at Mellow Mushroom! They had it in a private closed room so you really feel like you are in a party with 18 other painters in the room. 

We came 15 minutes early to check in and ordered a drink. I ordered the Sunset in Paradise and my courteous server delivered me this beautiful drink. 

As we were about to begin, our friendly art instructor Sara (pictured below) had us all do a painter's oath with a set of rules, like not say 'my painting sucks' or you get a mustache painted on your face! She immediately made us feel comfortable and with step-by-step instructions, any inexperienced painter can make his/her own masterpiece. 

(Meet Sara, our professional Paint Nite artist/instructor)

With all supplies provided, including their recognizable green Paint Nite aprons, all you really bring is yourself. You buy your tickets ahead of time online. Check out all of their upcoming Paint Nite events in Florence, SC. One drink in, here was my painting progress, below. 

 (Did I come here to paint an eyeball? No, I didn't but if I wanted to I could stop here!)

About midway through the session, we took a little break. At this time, some painters ordered some food or maybe another drink? I used this time to spy on my neighbors' paintings. We may be painting the same things but they don't look exactly the same. Just like the way you write your words is different, the way you stroke a paintbrush is also different than the person next to you, because it is still very personal. 

Here's the close-to-final finish below. 

And just like that, within a couple of hours, I got to bring home an artwork I created and memories with a friend over a drink. I really love doing this. This is not my first time and it'll not be my last time. See what a night of creation and libation at a Paint Nite can do to your soul. It'll be worth a try. See all Paint Nite events in Florence, SC.  

Currently, you can use the following promo code to get 40% off: LOCALVIP. You enter this code on the second page of your check out process. Normal price is $45. With LOCALVIP promo code, it is only $27. Promo code should work for all of 2018. (Florencemom.com does not get any cut on this. This is just a value being passed on to you.)