Top 3 Suggestions for Mommy's morning out/Morning Preschool in Florence, SC

  • All Saints Parents Morning Out (PMO) is from 8am - noon at All Saints Church in West Florence (for infants at least 3 months old to 3 year old toddlers). You can run errands in the morning while your child learns and plays! Your child will be taught the alphabet, numbers and colors and create many fun craft projects throughout the year! All Florence/Pee Dee area residents are welcome to enroll their child here! Children here come from many backgrounds. Parents have the option to enroll their child from 2 days per week for every Tues and Thurs ($150 a month) and up to 5 days per week, from Mon - Fri every week, throughout the school year (for only $230 a month). All Saints PMO is located next to a safe neighborhood church with several different classrooms by age (infant/toddler class, younger 2k, older 2k and 3k). The program has been running continuously since 2011 and has a lot of heart, filled with fun activities for babies and toddlers to enjoy while learning in a loving Christian environment. Parents can enroll their child to come to class even after the school year has already started. To get more information and see if there is still room for your child, go to: or call (843) 662-7009.
  • Central UMC Preschool from 9am - noon at Central United Methodist Church in East Florence (For age 3 months - 4 years old). The preschool is located inside one of the biggest churches in Florence:
  • Saint Paul Mother's Morning Out Program from 8am - noon at Saint Paul Children's Learning Center on W. Palmetto:
Why does morning preschool work for this Florence Mom? 
This is like morning day care but better! They will teach your kids the ABC's, numbers, shapes and more in a Christian loving environment since many programs are at a church. Better yet, you can enroll them when they are just babies, literally. Not all towns have this many private morning preschool options for infants and toddlers. Do take advantage of this here in Florence when you have no one else to turn to who can watch your kids while you run important errands. 

Florence Mom's personal experience with morning preschool for a toddler
Every once in awhile, I would need a haircut or run some errands and I used to have to wait for my husband to get home in order to get that done so he can watch our baby son. And then I discovered that there are a lot of parents' morning out/ mommy mornings out or preschool programs in Florence that will take great care of my son and teach him the alphabet, numbers and play songs from 8am-noon (just 4 hours a day) while I run errands and get things done. I didn't discover this until my son was already a 1 year old. I'm glad it didn't take longer than it did. I also feel it is important for my son to get some social and learning time with other kids his age to learn how to interact with others and learn how to share.  

This year is the first time I enrolled him into preschool. It started in September for the school season. He has been in this class for 2 months now and he goes from 8am-noon on most weekdays. The first 2 weeks were tough when I dropped him off because he was so used to being with me all the time and would cry every time I left. Now my energetic 1 year old toddler looks forward to playing with other toddlers in his preschool class. He's been learning the alphabet, numbers and enjoying some festive events for the holidays with his classmates. For only a couple hundred dollars a month, I really think it is worth it. My son is not just hanging out with mom all the time and gets to play and learn with other kids. I really suggest other moms to think about trying this out. You don't have to take him every day. You can just take him there twice a week if you want to test the waters a little bit. 

I hope you'll find the right morning program that works for your little babies!