When it comes to relaxing, just sitting down on the couch to watch T.V. or browsing on the phone can sound so unexciting. If you like creating art or making anything with your hands, Paint Nite is a great alternative, especially if you have an empty wall to fill. It's 2 hours of fun with all painting supplies included (even the apron)! You can look at the calendar to see the painting that catches your eye in Florence, SC: Paint Nite Calendar.

Recently, FlorenceMom.com went to a Paint Nite at Mellow Mushroom in Florence, SC. We painted "Star of the Sea". Instructions started at 7pm but coming a little early to order a beer on tap, specifically a glass of Breakside IPA, sounded like a perfect start. 

Mellow Mushroom offers a variety of craft beers and beers on tap but they also serve cocktails. 

Don't be intimidated by Paint Nite. Painting here is meant to be fun and experience is not required! 

You can paint with girlfriends, a date or even by yourself! It's your art. Let those creative juices flow! 

At any time when you feel a bit stuck, you can seek help from the instructor as well. It can be a question about a technique or anything about the painting at all. Paint Nite instructors are very friendly, helpful and of course, experienced!

At the end of the night, there was a sense of accomplishment and contentment. Being able to have an outlet from a normal busy day was key to getting reenergized. Being able to spend time with it a friend while painting was a great bonus! Here's my "Star of the Sea".

To see all Paint Nite painting dates in Florence, SC, go to: Paint Nite Calendar.

You can also save 40% off using LOCALVIP as the promo code. The original price is $45. With 40% off, the price ends up being just $27. You can currently pick from two Florence locations: Mellow Mushroom or Local Motive in downtown! (FlorenceMom.com does not get a commission from this. This is a promo code saving being passed on to you!) There may be other seasonal promo codes on their website that are better than this, so look out for those as well! 

When there are more Florence locations aside from Mellow Mushroom and Local Motive, FlorenceMom.com will be sure to write an update!