Yesterday, I took a free watercolor painting class at the Florence County Public Library on Dargan St. and had a nice time. They had to cancel the one in March but they automatically signed me up for the one in April as a courtesy, which I am glad. We drew a lighthouse picture. Here is how mine looks like: 

It was a 1.5 hour long class but I stayed a bit after to help clean up my station area. It's a free class. The least I could do was help clean up. The class was held in the private meeting room that you will see immediately to your left as you enter the main entrance. They will have another free class on May 3, 2016 so be sure to register for it by calling the library at: 843-413-7074. They will be painting something different. There were quite a few empty spaces last night so don't worry if you end up registering last minute. It's for adults 18+ so feel free to register with a friend too! They most likely will have room because people may cancel last minute as well. However, to guarantee a spot, register earlier!