After living in the Pee Dee area for 4 years (Including Florence and Hartsville), my husband and I have celebrated 3 Valentine's Days here. This upcoming Valentine's Day will be our fourth. We've dined at many restaurants throughout the year and some are perfect places for a very romantic night.'s suggestions for your date on Valentine's Day! (scroll down) 

Downtown Florence area:
  1. Town Hall (101 W. Evans) - This is hand's down the most romantic and maybe expensive of the bunch but with a rooftop bar called The Dispensary, this place is hard to beat and the food is top notch. Make sure to make a reservation! Click here, to see a detailed blog on what we ordered and pictures of Town Hall. 
  2. Victor's Bistro (126 W. Evans) - Located inside of the boutique hotel called Hotel Florence, you'll instantly feel like you're going to a very special place as you enter their doors. Service is excellent and the decor is beautiful. The food is always reliable with quality ingredients and they've been around Florence for many years. 
  3. The Library (154 S Dargan) - This is more like a speakeasy bar than a restaurant but the food is amazing, even though their food menu is small. Service feels personalized every time we come here. Come here for specialty drinks made the right way! Their shiny chandelier in the middle of the room will instantly wow your date and the intimate vibe of the place will make it very easy for you to want to lean closer to your lover. 
  4. Dolce Vita (152 S Dargan) - This is a wine bar at night that also offers chocolates, other desserts and cheese plates to compliment your wine. Come here for a late night date! With many wine selections to choose from, you can choose tasting sizes before you commit to a half or full glass, making this a fun wine adventure for you and your date. 
  1. Red Bone Alley (1903 W Palmetto) - The inside is the replica of historic Charleston! You won't believe it until you see it. Romantic and big, this place is grand and one of favorites to many Florentines. The prices are fair and they have an ice cream truck inside that offers free ice cream to guests! It also has a kid's play area and a hidden arcade near the restrooms so if you are bringing the kids, this is actually my #1 choice. We came here for Valentine's Day when we first moved here and they actually had a special Valentine's Day menu. With or without kids, this restaurant is a safe choice! 
  2. Starfire (2130 W Palmetto) - Although not open every day, this restaurant offers the best desserts in town! Check their hours of operation to make sure they are open on the day you decide to bring your date as they do catering for special events as well. They offer a large menu with Greek specialties and Southern favorites and famously, an extensive dessert selection. If you or your date has a big sweet tooth, this is the place to go where you can dine with nice meals and share a decadent dessert at one spot! 
  3. Percy & Willie's (130 Dunbarton Dr.) - Located right by the Magnolia Mall, this place is a bit hidden but GPS will get you there just fine! They offer the best steaks in town! The ambiance includes dim lights and attention service so you will feel like you are at a luxurious restaurant. It is much higher priced than many other steakhouses but it provides a much better overall experience and the taste makes it all worth the money! 
  4. San Jose's Tacos & Tequila (3410 W. Radio Dr) - Surrounded by hotels and located near a lot of shopping, this Mexican restaurant is a great pick if you're feeling like eating Mexican food. The decor of the restaurant is amazingly stylish with their spacious high ceilings. It can get really busy and loud in here but they offer a large drink selection, including the quintessential margaritas! Serving chips and salsa immediately upon seating, you will not feel like you're going to starve for awhile before getting your food. 
Have an amazing Valentine's Day! And remember to double check to see if they take reservations so you don't end up waiting in a long line for a table! 

(Note: Everything that is written here is the opinion of and is based on personal experience. It is not sponsored by any restaurant on this list. To contact, please send a message via the facebook page.)