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Businesses that Closed in Florence, South Carolina

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We've lived in the Pee Dee area for 5 years now and I've watched many restaurants or coffee shops go out of business during that time.

Here's the list of local restaurants that have gone out of business:
  • Clay Pot (closed in 2017)
  • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
  • The Library (closed in 2018)
  • Hibachi Grill Buffet on Irby St. (closed in 2018)
  • Fiasco 
  • Cast Iron Waffles (closed in 2016)
  • Smoky Oak Taproom (because of a fire in 2015)
  • Cruise the View (closed in 2016)
  • Primo Pizza inside of Magnolia Mall (closed in 2018)
  • Dolce Vita Coffee Shop (closed in 2020)
  • Soule Cafe (storefront closed in 2020)
  • Percy & Willie's (closed in Dec 2021)
  • Blue Tides Crabspot (closed in Feb 2022)
Here's the list of chain stores that closed in Florence, SC:
  • K-Mart (closed in 2017)
  • Bi-Lo on W. Palmetto (2017)
  • Bi-Lo on Pamplico Hwy (closed in 2018)
  • Applebee's on Irby (closed June 2017)
  • Toys R' Us (closed in 2018)
  • Sears (closed in 2017)
  • Pita Pit (closed in 2018 and Clean Eatz took its place)
  • Rugged Wearhouse on W. Evans in Florence Mall strip (closed Jan 2019)
Other Places in Florence:
  • ScienceSouth (closed in July 2019)
  • Girls University (closed in 2021)

(Clay Pot was one of the closed businesses in 2017 in Florence)
(Cast Iron Waffles closed in 2016.)

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