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Dumping Trash Yourself in Florence, SC

Posted by on Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Here are all the locations of the free trash dump sites in Florence, SC for all those just relocating here or moving to a different part in Florence: 

Site 1Greenwood 2325 Carnell Drive Florence 29505
Site 2Airport 708 South Stadium Road Florence 29506
Site 3Quinby 1508 East Marion Hwy. Florence 29506
Site 4Timmonsville 1840 S Warren Street Timmonsville 29161
Site 5Pamplico 411 South Oak Street Pamplico 29583
Site 6Coward 3315 US 52 Hwy. Coward 29530
Site 7Lake City 1228 E. Main Street Lake City 29560
Site 8Landfill 2616 Paper Mill Road Florence 29506
Site 9Effingham 6760 Friendfield Road Effingham 29541
Site 10Hannah 3648 Tree Haven Pamplico 29583
Site 11Paul Jones 4807 Buddy’s Lane Effingham 29541
Site 12Ebenezer 359 South Ebenezer Road Florence 29501
Site 13Olanta 4212 Chandler Road Olanta 29114
Site 14Johnsonville 230 West Egg Farm Road Johnsonville 29555
Site 15Cusaac 5169 Sardis Hwy. Timmonsville 29161

The opening hours are: 7AM – 7PM, Monday - Saturday. They are CLOSED on Sundays.

Why does Florence Mom like to dump her own trash instead of paying monthly service? 
It's free to dump your trash and recyclables yourself here so why not? Plus you can clear your house trash more than just once in week! I hate it when trash accumulates and then it starts to smell from sitting out for too long. 

I think it's great that Florence and many parts of the Carolinas have dump sites where you can take out your own trash, especially around Christmas time when our trash bins are overflowing.

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