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My toddler and I had a wonderful time at Environmental Discovery Center at Lynches River County Park

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Located about 30 minutes from West Florence, Lynches Riverpark is a great place to visit seasonally. We recently discovered that they have an Environmental Discovery Center that is located right next to the playground. They are open everyday except for Mondays. You can see the hours I listed for this place on our event page.  It is free to visit and you get to see all sorts of reptiles there. When we went to the back exit to look outside, we discovered that they have a really neat canopy trail! It looks like something from a rainforest! My toddler was too afraid to walk on it with us but my husband and I were able to take turns to go to the first platform. There were about 4 to 5 platforms! 

 (Canopy Trail that is behind the back exit of the Environmental Discovery Center at Lynches Riverpark) 

Reptiles you can see there at the Environmental Discovery Center

 They let one of their turtles roamed around for a little bit for a free show & tell on that Saturday morning. We were lucky! 

Here is how the Discovery Environmental Center building looks like.

I know the way to get here was a little spooky but when you see this building, you are going to be amazed. The architecture is wonderful. If there are any upcoming events at Lynches River County Park, it will be listed on our 'Events' page.

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