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New Kids Play area at Magnolia Mall in Florence, SC Review

Posted by on Thursday, March 23, 2017 Under: For Kids
The kids play area just opened 5 days ago at the Magnolia Mall and we gave it a try today! We love that it is located at the food court because that makes it easier to grab a snack or lunch before the kids play. It is sort of hidden but it's located on the farthest left side of the food court, right next to the Japanese/hibachi part. (This is one of 3 slides there.)

The whole kids play area is sea-themed with 3 slides and a few other sea creatures like this whale, that the little ones can climb on. Shoes are not allowed so the kids will need to remove their shoes. There are shoe storage areas underneath the cushioned benches. Food and drinks are not allowed inside. However, there are some seating with stools right outside where you can get a great view of your kiddos playing. I think the sign said you must also be 42 inches or smaller to play. 

Other tips: 
  • Hand sanitizers are not provided so make sure you bring some of your own or some wipes. 
  • If you have a double stroller and don't have any other adult helping you, park at the Dick's Sporting Goods store entrance. They have automatic wide double doors and that is especially helpful when you have your hands full. Dick's Sporting Goods is located directly across from the food court. Also, there is not a lot of traffic from this particular side of the parking lot because this is on the backside of the mall so you don't have to worry about too many crazy cars driving around as the kids cross the way to the entrance. 
  • Buy food and drinks before you let the kids play. That way, you don't have to worry about dragging them out mid-way and you can start chowing down immediately after they start playing.
  • You are always welcome to bring a packed lunch from home. No rules against that.
  • Use the restrooms that are next to Justice, just 10 yards down the way. They are bigger with usually less wait. The women's restroom on this side has a diaper change station too. The ones next to Chic Fil A are always busy, even though they said they are "family" restrooms. 
We are so glad Florence has this indoor kids play area at the mall and of course, it is free!

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