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Notable After School Programs for Kids in Florence, South Carolina

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Addies's Baby KIDS After School Art Academy Camps - Located in downtown at 290 West Evans St in Florence, Addie's Baby has been known as a great place for creative juices to flow. Starting Oct 30, 2018, Addie's Baby is launching an after school art academy for kids. Your children will have a place for their art to flourish while working on special art projects. There will also be homework help and snacks included in a structured program. For students in grades 4th through 6th, this program is from 3:30PM - 6PM from Tuesday - Thursday. Cost is $65 per week or $55 per week for early registration. Weekly themes include: "A Starry Week", "I Love Pumpkins Week", "Optical Illusion Week", "Glow Paint Week". "Elfs Everywhere Week" and "Merry Christmas Week".  For questions, contact Addie's Baby! Addie's Baby is having a "bestie discount" where the each artist gets 20% off when you sign up 2 or more artists. This could be a family member or friend! For more info, go to: or call 843.229.5862

Extended Day Elementary (After School program) at individual elementary schools in Florence School District 1 - For $60 a week, your kids can possibly attend an after school care program at the very school your child attends! This includes the following schools: Briggs Elementary, Carver Elementary, Delmae Elementary,  Dewey L. Carter Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, Lester Elementary,  Lucy T. Davis Elementary , McLaurin Elementary, Moore Elementary, North Vista Elementary, Savannah Grove Elementary, and Wallace Gregg Elementary. The Extended Day Academy offers many diverse opportunities for your child to learn skills in mathematics, art, writing, music, technology, sports, and much more! The Extended Day Academy will provide a structured place to receive homework assistance, one on one tutoring, a snack, as well as supper. Extended Day Academy is from 2:30 - 6pm, Monday - Friday. Talk to your school about this program. It begins the first day of school until the last day off school. To see more info:

Master JKim's Taekwondo Center's After School Care program - Located on 1657 West Palmetto Street, near the Krispy Kreme's, this reputable Tae Kwon Do company also offers an after school care program. Best of all, they will transport your child to their location from the following schools: Delmae Elementary, Royall Elementary, Lucy T Davis Elementary and Carver Elementary. There is supervised homework time and a well structured environment. This is the perfect program for your child if he or she is interested in martial arts. Pick up time is 6pm. For more info:

Afterschool STEMS Academy for Middle School - Offered at Southside Middle School and Sneed Middle School, this STEMS Academy offers many diverse opportunities for your middle school child to learn skills in mathematics, art, writing, music, technology, sports, and much more! The Afterschool STEMS Academy will provide a structured place to receive homework assistance, one on one tutoring, a snack, as well as supper. Fee is $60 per week and the program is from 2pm - 6pm, Monday - Friday. To see more info:

La Petite Academy - For children ages from infant to any school-aged children, they offer an after school care program that's extensive. This is a great option for parents who have multiple kids who have one child who is a baby or toddler who already attends La Petite Academy for preschool or day care, and an older child in a different school who needs after school care. They provide transportation from selective schools, so check with them if your school is included. Snacks and homework help are also included. Their operating hours are from 6:30AM - 6:30PM year round. The convenient side of La Petite Academy for working parents is that you can put your child here during the summer months too because it operates year round. For more info, go to:

YMCA After School Program - For grades Kindergarten (K-5) to 6th grade, YMCA Florence has an afternoon school program that is very affordable. You get a discount if you're already a YMCA member (family package). Non-members can also use the after school program! Times of the after school program is 2:10PM - 6PM. They can also provide bus transportation from the school if you're under a list of schools that they'll pick up from. They will also provide a snack. Program includes: brain teasers, cool science experiments, games, puzzles, computer challenges and writing. The hands-on activities are based on enriching academic programs, educationally based in thematic units, and fun to do! Homework time is a scheduled part of their daily schedule. Opportunities to perform plays, play musical instruments, sing, dance and express themselves in a variety of creative ways for young artists, architects and other expressive, creative minds. There's painting, crafts, building materials and more! There's also opportunity to spend quiet time or catch up with friends. For more info, go to:

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