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Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Town Hall in Florence, SC (Pictures)

Posted by on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Under: Restaurants
For our 4th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a dinner reservation at the newest restaurant in downtown Florence called Town Hall. 

Once we stepped inside Town Hall, I couldn't believe I was still in Florence. The restaurant felt modern and urban and even the people looked like they poshed up! It was a busy night and the service was still excellent. Here was what we ordered. (Pictures below.) 

This was from their specialty cocktail menu. It was mixed very well and I felt a buzz just after drinking half of it. My husband ordered a beer from their draft on tap. 

This was the fried clams appetizer that my husband and I shared before our entree. The batter was very good and extra crunchy. 

 I didn't feel like eating meat that night so I ordered the vegetable plate as my entree. It was very filling but I felt like the rice was more mushy than how I usually like it. I probably won't order this again.

My husband ordered the quail entree. The quail was fried and that wasn't stated on the menu so we were surprised. The batter was the same as the one used for the fried clams that we ordered as an appetizer. 

We shared the banana rum bread pudding as our dessert and it was fantastic. It was topped with salted caramel ice cream and was a perfect ending to our meal. 

The ambiance of Town Hall was so romantic that I would love to come back here again. Because we can't afford to eat here often, I hope that my husband will take me here for dinner again on another special occasion. 
(Waiting area inside Town Hall Restaurant)

After dinner, we climbed up the stairs to The Dispensary, a rooftop bar that is also part of the Town Hall restaurant. Once we were up there, the cool fresh wind immediately hit my face and gosh, really made me excited about entering this part of the building. The rooftop has 3 levels with plenty of room for large groups to gather. After having a conversation with a couple that we bumped into, we decided to check out the downtown view on the very top level for a few minutes before returning back home so we can relieve our babysitter early. Dinner was wonderful and the view from the rooftop bar was extraordinary, but I was starting to miss my kids after 2 hours. 

It was the best anniversary dinner I've ever had in Florence!

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