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Coffee Shops & Dessert Places in Florence, SC

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There are several coffee places in Florence, SC that you can check out and I've personally visited them all!

Starbucks at Florence Mall shopping center (1933 W. Palmetto St., Florence, SC 29501)
Centrally located at the 5 points intersection and with a drive thru, this place is the most convenient location to get a Starbucks crafted drink. It has the standard of a typical Starbucks that anyone from a major city would expect. The drive thru can get congested so I suggest using their mobile ordering system 10 minutes before you arrive and run in the store to pick it up. If you're from a big city like me, then this place will make you feel a little more like home in Florence. 

Lula's Coffee Co. (600 Pamplico Highway, Florence, SC 29505)
They know how to craft their drinks the correct way! There are no shortcuts here! They respect the craft! If you want a coffee or tea drink done right, go here! They are located in the south side of Florence and always closed on Sundays. They also opened up a second location in downtown Florence. 

Lula's Coffee -- Downtown Location (160 S Dargan St. Florence, SC 29501) (Formerly Dolce Vita)
What started out as just an evening wine place, expanded into a coffee shop with lunch items as well! This place ranks high in our book because of its location. It's located in downtown and right across from the free Florence County Museum and in the middle of all the block party action whenever the City of Florence hosts an outdoor community event.

Soule' Cafe (<<< NOW CLOSED)
UPDATE: The coffee shop is closed but it is working on being mobile with a lunch truck!
Also located in the downtown area of Florence, this place has a very urban and sleek feel. They also have regular open mic nights, live performances and other special events. Although it does not have a large selection of pastries to pick from, it's the perfect place to catch up with a friend and still be within walking distance to a lot of restaurants nearby.

Starbucks Cafe inside of Barnes & Noble at Magnolia Mall (2701 David H McLeod #1200, Florence, SC 29501)
This is my go to Starbucks when I have my kids with me because we can stop in and order a cup of joe and then head straight to the Children's area with my cup in my hand while they have a little fun. I've also met other moms here too with my kids. It's one of the few ways I can catch up with another friend without feeling like I have to chase down my kids constantly.

Starbucks Cafe inside of Target (2791 David H McLeod Blvd., Florence, SC 29501)
The best thing about going to the Starbucks location inside of this Target is they accept both Starbucks gift cards and Target gift cards! So if you have either one, this makes it really nice! Sometimes there's no line here at all so it can be the quickest way to get your favorite Starbucks beverage. They tend to run out of seasonal drinks though but they usually have all the staples. I do feel like they can be a bit heavy-handed with their caramel and other syrups so if you like ultra sweet, then maybe this is your kind of place. 

Bean Bar (2511 W Palmetto St, Florence, SC 29501)
This coffee shop was a pop-up for several years and grand-opened their coffee shop in July 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their coffee is on point and their business support local artists. 

Dunkin Donuts (2 locations: 2123 W Evans St., Florence, SC 29501 & 2210 W Lucas St., Florence, SC 29501)
Besides for a regular black coffee, I don't like to order any of their craft coffee drinks. They are very sugary but I know a lot of people like them so they're listed here. They always have donuts so you'll never run out of sweet options coming to Dunkin Donuts!

Other Coffee Shops in Florence that Closed Down:
Clay Pot (Closed in 2017)
Cast Iron Waffles (Closed in 2016)
Dolce Vita (Closed in 2020)

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