Family-friendly Restaurants & Coffee Shops


Town Hall Restaurant and Bar

(Town Hall ambiance)

(Quail entree for dinner)

Located in a historic building that was once the town hall of Florence is a very new restaurant called Town Hall. They also have an impressive bar in the restaurant main room and a rooftop bar called Dispensary on top of the building as well! The food is a modern twist to southern comfort and the specialty drinks are mixed very well with an extensive beer and wine menu. This is a great place for locals, tourists, dates or just a night out on the town. Read about our first visit to Town Hall Restaurant for our wedding anniversary. Town Hall Address: 101 W. Evans St., Florence, SC 29501

Victors Bistro

Located inside the beautiful boutique hotel, Hotel Florence, this restaurant is classy with excellent food and service. The prices for the quality you get is very good. They didn't have a kid's menu when we were there,but they have always been stroller friendly. Victors Bistro Address: 126 W. Evans St., Florence, SC 29501

Wholly Smokin' BBQ 

With excellent fresh ingredients, this is a great place to get BBQ in downtown. The restaurant is spacious and the service is personal. Try their samplers to taste every meat and sauces! Wholly Smokin BBQ Address: 150 S Dargan St, Florence, SC 29506

Venus Restaurant & Catering

(Breakfast from Venus Restaurant)

If you are not in a hurry to get breakfast, this is the best spot for an early morning meal. Every waffle and pancake tastes like they are made from scratch. Everything is always coming out piping hot. The prices are also very reasonable. Service can be a bit slow but the wait is well worth it. Venus Address: 471 W Palmetto St., Florence, SC 29501

Long Grain Cafe

 (Thai Basil Chicken from Long Grain Cafe)

This is a great place to have breakfast and lunch. Many churches have gathered here for large parties. The place is even bigger in the back than in the front. Check out their fountain in the back if you are coming there for the first time! Prices are reasonable and there are Asian dishes on the menu as well. I highly recommend this place for a good sit down. Be ready to wait awhile when they get busy as they take care of their food service but it is worth every wait! Long Grain Address: 260 W Palmetto St., Florence, SC 29506


Lula's Coffee Co

Lula's Coffee Co's first location is located in South Florence and is a local coffee shop that hosts shows and open mic in the evenings. Their coffee is always spot on! They take their time with their specialty drinks and  has a small outdoor sitting area. Use their drive-thru if you'd like to stay in your car to order a drink. In 2020, they opened a second location in downtown Florence. Lula's Coffee Co Address: 600 Pamplico Highway, Florence, SC 29505 & a newer Second Location at 160 S. Dargan St. in downtown Florence

Bean Bar 

Located next to Naturally Outdoors in Florence, Bean Bar has been around for several years as a pop-up and finally opened their storefront in July 2020. Their coffee and business space supports creativity are sure to impress. Bean Bar Address: 2511 W Palmetto St, Florence, SC 29501

Starbucks at Florence Mall 

There are 2 malls in Florence: the Magnolia Mall (big indoor one) and the Florence Mall (outdoor shopping center). They are about 5 min away from each other but the Starbucks stand-alone location is located at the Florence Mall. You know this town isn't that small if there is a few Starbucks in town! Starbucks Address: 1911 W Palmetto Street; Florence, SC 29501

Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble at Magnolia Mall

There is also another Starbucks that is located inside of the Barnes & Noble at Magnolia Mall. They don't take the Starbucks gift cards but will take the Barnes & Noble one. They also serve more food! It's a great place to take the kids here for some Cheesecake Factory desserts and then head over to the Kid's area at Barnes & Noble for some book-reading or story time. Check out free Story time information on  the Events & Activities pageStarbucks inside of Barnes & Noble Address: 2701 David H McLeod Blvd #1200, Florence, SC 29501

Starbucks inside Target

There's a total of 3 Starbucks locations in Florence and this one is located inside of Target in West Florence. It's a smaller location with very little seating but it accepts both Starbucks and Target gift cards and convenient if you're going to be shopping at Target anyway! Starbucks inside of Target Address: 2791 David H McLeod Blvd; Florence, SC 29501

Bruster's Real Ice Cream 

(Florence Mom's ice cream waffle cone from Bruster's)

It is such a treat to have an ice cream place like this in Florence. Located in the Magnolia Mall area, Bruster's really does have real ice cream and they create all their ice cream flavors. They have a drive-thru, which makes it very convenient. They also have shakes, ice creams and cakes but you must try their ice cream and homemade waffle cones! I always got my toddlers, the kid's dino sundae! Bruster's address: 116 Dunbarton Dr, Florence, SC 29501

Sweet, Cafe & Bakery

If you are craving something sweet and don't want to buy a whole cake at the store, you can buy individual cupcakes, gelatos and other desserts at Sweet, Cafe & Bakery. They are located inside Cibo, an Italian restaurant so you can get a great Italian meal and dessert in one spot! Sweet Address: 1270 Celebration Blvd., Florence, SC 29501 (inside of Cibo Restaurant)

Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt in Florence

Located on the south side of Florence is Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt. They offer a lot of fat-free options and you pull the handles and add the toppings yourself. You pay by weight and you can enjoy it there or take it togo. The place inside is very inviting and colorful and a great place to bring the kids. Sweet Frog Address: 960 Pamplico Hwy, Florence, South Carolina 29505


Red Bone Alley 

The inside of the entire restaurant is a replica of Charleston so the decor is beautiful and spacious. They also have an upstairs section and a kid's play area downstairs. In addition to being kid-friendly with a great ambiance, the food is excellent and a great fare of the south. Red Bone Alley Address: 1903 W Palmetto St, Florence, SC 29501

Eggs Up Grill 

Located near the Walmart on Beltline, Eggs Up Grill serves breakfast and lunch. 

They serve classic breakfast plates and are located in West Florence. Eggs Up Grill Address: 250 N Beltline Dr, Florence, SC 29501 Eggs Up Grill Website

Mellow Mushroom

(Calzone from Mellow Mushroom) 

The decor and ambiance at Mellow Mushroom is so fun and colorful. They also have a kid's menu and offer crayons for the kids to color their menus. 

(Cheese pizza and apple slices from the kid's menu at Mellow Mushroom) 

Service can be a bit slow so make sure you make up your mind fast when the server approaches. They make everything from scratch. They also have special events throughout the year and a private room for special parties. Check out pictures of a Paint Nite event there. 

Mellow Mushroom Address: 120 Dunbarton Dr, Florence, SC 29501 

Chuck E Cheese 

Chuck E Cheese is a great entertainment place for all kids. With many games your kids can pick from, your kids' faces will light up as soon as they walk through the door! They also sell food like pizza and has a salad bar. It's free to get in and you just have to pay for a play card with points to play. This is also a great place to host kids' birthday parties. See other suggested places in Florence for kids' birthdays. Chuck E Cheese Address: 2701 David H. McLeod Blvd., Florence, SC 29501

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet

Located in the same shopping center as Golden Corral and Toys R Us, this Chinese/Japanese buffet is located in a large shopping center across from the Magnolia Mall. Kids 2 and under are always free to eat. There is always seafood on the buffet line among other meat and vegetable dishes. Don't skip the hibachi line in the back! They cook what you pick to put in your chow mien or fried rice and it's all part of the buffet. Prices are very reasonable. They also have a mini-arcade in the front. Hibachi Buffet Address: 2600 David H. McLeod  Blvd., Florence, SC 29501

Magnolia Mall Food Court 

There are several restaurants you can pick from at the food court at Magnolia Mall. It's always a popular option because you can pick from so many restaurants if your family is torn about what they want to eat.  Selections include Chic Fil A, a Chinese food restaurant, hibachi restaurant, gyros and wings and Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches. There's also a kid's play area right in the food court too.


Plus, you can walk your meal off afterwards by shopping at the mall. If you want a more formal sit down, go to Ruby Tuesday. It is also in the mall but not at the food court. Magnolia Mall Address: 2701 David H McLeod Blvd. Florence, SC 29501. 

Red Bowl Bistro 

Red Bowl Bistro is located a block from the Magnolia Mall and has a kid's menu for a reasonable price! The place is very nice and roomy inside. They also have a bar area with TVs. It's an Asian fusion restaurant with an extensive sushi and non-sushi menu. 

(Calamari appetizer from Red Bowl Bistro)

(Sushi from Red Bowl Bistro)

This place has the freshest sushi in all of Florence so head here if you are really craving some decent sushi. Red Bowl Bistro address: 2417 David H. McLeod Blvd., Florence, SC 29501

Golden Corral 

Golden Corral is an All American buffet restaurant with a lot of  dishes to pick from. Kids under 2 are free. They also have a chocolate fountain in the dessert area. Everything is well cooked and the salad bar is very fresh. Golden Corral Address: 2530 David H. McLeod Blvd., Florence, SC 29501


Jennifer's Taqueria at the Florence Flea Market

(Tacos from Jennifer's Taqueria at Florence Flea Market come with all the fixings)

If you are a big fan of authentic Mexican food, then you'll need to make a visit to the flea market in East Florence on the weekends to try the tacos of Jennifer's Taqueria. It is located in the heart of the  flea market. They have a patio covering and it can get busy during certain times. They only take cash but once you order a taco from them, you will be daydreaming about having their tacos again! After you have your snack or lunch there, stroll around the flea market with your kids to get some fresh produce, snow cones and good deals. Flea Market Address: 4001 E Palmetto St, Florence, SC 29506

Woodstone BBQ & Seafood

Woodstone BBQ & Seafood Address: 1247 S Irby St, Florence, SC 29505

Stefano's ITalian of Florence Restaurant

Stefano's Pizza Restaurants has the best pasta in Florence, SC. They also serve very delicious pizza. Address: 2600 S Irby St j, Florence, SC 29505

Julia Belle's Restaurant 

Julia Belle's serves the best southern food in Florence. It is located inside of the red barn on the right as you enter the gates. They try to use as much fresh ingredients from the farmers market as possible and everything tastes amazing.


I recommend their chicken and waffles and blue plate specials. Their prices are reasonable and they are only open for lunch during the week but I have seen them change their hours during the busy tourist season. Julia Belle's Address: 2106-W. Lucas St. Florence, SC 29501