Coffee Shops & Dessert Places in Florence, SC

February 18, 2018
There are a few coffee places in Florence, SC that you can check out. This is's list categorized by most favorite to least favorite: 

Starbucks at Florence Mall shopping center (1933 W. Palmetto St., Florence, SC 29501)
Centrally located at the 5 points intersection and with a drive thru, this place is the most convenient location to get a Starbucks crafted drink. It has the standard of a typical Starbucks that anyone from a major city would expect. The drive thru can get congested so I suggest using their mobile ordering system 10 minutes before you arrive and run in the store to pick it up. If you're from a big city like me, then this place will make you feel a little more like home in Florence. 

Dolce Vita Cafe & More (160 S Dargan St. Florence, SC 29501)
What started out as just an evening wine place, expanded into a coffee shop with lunch items as well! This place ranks high in our book because of its location. It's located in downtown and right across from the free Florence County Museum and in the middle of all the block party action whenever the City of Florence hosts an outdoor community event.

Soule' Cafe (130 S Irby St., Florence, SC 29501)
Also located in the downtown area of Florence, this place has a very urban and sleek feel. They also have regular open mic nights, live performances and story time for the kids. Although it does not have a large selection of pastries to pick from, it's the perfect place to catch up with a friend and still be within walking distance to a lot of restaurants nearby. 

Starbucks Cafe inside of Barnes & Noble at Magnolia Mall (2701 David H McLeod #1200, Florence, SC 29501)
This is my go to Starbucks when I have my kids with me because we can stop in and order a cup of joe and then head straight to the Children's area with my cup in my hand while they have a little fun. I've also met other moms here too with my kids. It's one of the few ways I can catch up with another friend without feeling like I have to chase down my kids constantly.

Starbucks Cafe inside of Target (2791 David H McLeod Blvd., Florence, SC 29501)
The best thing about going to the Starbucks location inside of this Target is they accept both Starbucks gift cards and Target gift cards! So if you have either one, this makes it really nice! Sometimes there's no line here at all so it can be the quickest way to get your favorite Starbucks beverage. They tend to run out of seasonal drinks though but they usually have all the staples. I do feel like they can be a bit heavy-handed with their caramel and other syrups so if you like ultra sweet, then maybe this is your kind of place. 

Lula's Coffee Co. (600 Pamplico Highway, Florence, SC 29505)
The main reasons they are so low on my list are because they are out of the way for me and service can take awhile. But they know how to craft their drinks the correct way! There are no shortcuts here! They respect the craft! If you want a coffee or tea drink done right, go here! They are located in the south side of Florence and always closed on Sundays. 

Dunkin Donuts (2 locations: 2123 W Evans St., Florence, SC 29501 & 2210 W Lucas St., Florence, SC 29501)
Besides for a regular black coffee, I don't like to order any of their craft coffee drinks. They are very sugary but I know a lot of people like them so they're listed here. 

Other Coffee Shops in Florence that Closed Down:
Clay Pot (Closed in 2017)
Cast Iron Waffles (Closed in 2016)

To see all top restaurants in Florence, SC, go to:

Paint Nite locations in Florence, SC

January 1, 2018
Looking for a new fun hobby? Try a paint night from Paint Nite, a national company that hosts paint night events in venues all over the U.S! Lucky for Florence, we have a couple of locations here to choose from! 

Find the painting you want to do: 
Paint Nite events at Mellow Mushroom in Florence, SC: Click here to see dates & times
Paint Nite events at Local Motive Brewing Company in Florence, SC: Click here to see dates & times

Special Offer: Get 40% by using the following Promo Code: LOCALVIP on the second page of your check out process. Normal price is $45. With LOCALVIP promo code, it is only $27. 

All events start at 7pm and end at 9pm and you can order a drink and/or food while you paint! (They may have different times in the future.)

Recently, this Florence mom took a break from a regular night and joined another friend at a Paint Nite event at Mellow Mushroom! They had it in a private closed room so you really feel like you are in a party with 18 other painters in the room. 

We came 15 minutes early to check in and ordered a drink. I ordered the Sunset in Paradise and my courteous server delivered me this beautiful drink. 

As we were about to begin, our friendly art instructor Sara (pictured below) had us all do a painter's oath with a set of rules, like not say 'my painting sucks' or you get a mustache painted on your face! She immediately made us feel comfortable and with step-by-step instructions, any inexperienced painter can make his/her own masterpiece. 

(Meet Sara, our professional Paint Nite artist/instructor)

With all supplies provided, including their recognizable green Paint Nite aprons, all you really bring is yourself. You buy your tickets ahead of time online. Check out all of their upcoming Paint Nite events in Florence, SC. One drink in, here was my painting progress, below. 

 (Did I come here to paint an eyeball? No, I didn't but if I wanted to I could stop here!)

About midway through the session, we took a little break. At this time, some painters ordered some food or maybe another drink? I used this time to spy on my neighbors' paintings. We may be painting the same things but they don't look exactly the same. Just like the way you write your words is different, the way you stroke a paintbrush is also different than the person next to you, because it is still very personal. 

Here's the close-to-final finish below. 

And just like that, within a couple of hours, I got to bring home an artwork I created and memories with a friend over a drink. I really love doing this. This is not my first time and it'll not be my last time. See what a night of creation and libation at a Paint Nite can do to your soul. It'll be worth a try. See all Paint Nite events in Florence, SC.  

Currently, you can use the following promo code to get 40% off: LOCALVIP. You enter this code on the second page of your check out process. Normal price is $45. With LOCALVIP promo code, it is only $27. Promo code should work for all of 2018. ( does not get any cut on this. This is just a value being passed on to you.) 

Disney World Orlando is only a 6.5 hour drive from Florence, SC

December 17, 2017
We went to Disney World at the end of November 2017 and everything there was decorated with Christmas decorations already! We loved it and felt like it was the most perfect time to visit. The weather was mid 70s during the week while we were there. Flying was out of the question as it is only a 6.5 hour drive from Florence, South Carolina to Disney World! That is very manageable with a 3 year old and 1 year old. 

Here are some pictures of the Christmas themed decorations that I took: 
's Recommendations from our recent trip:
  1. Download the Disney World App to track how long each wait for each ride is. You can also reserve your fast pass from the app days ahead of time! All of the pictures that the park takes can also be recorded and tracked from the app as well. This is a very cool feature!
  2. If you have little kids, maybe going to 2 different parks is enough. We went to 3 in a span of 8 days (with a day break in between parks) and it was way too tiring. The kids were over it by the third park. Disney World has a total of 4 different theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. 
  3. Book at a resort that usually is a timeshare stay for others. They let the public book reservations there for really cheap and usually have great amenities. If you are okay with saying 'no' a thousand times when they try to sell you a timeshare, it is worth it!
  4. It is a good idea to come to the Magic Kingdom during the day and then continuing on through the night to enjoy the pretty lights and see the Sleeping Beauty castle again. 
  5. My favorite part of all was the Pandora - The World of Avatar section of the Animal Kingdom! So if you are an Avatar movie fan, you must go to the Animal Kingdom! 
  6. Disney's Hollywood Studios was significantly small than the other parks but if you're a Star Wars fan, this is definitely worth the extra money! 

New and current resources for mommy and baby in Florence, SC

October 21, 2017
I'm always looking for new resources on places for mommies and babies. Here are some current resources for new mommies and babies in Florence, SC. 

MOPS in Florence, SC: There is still a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in Florence that meets twice a month from September to May. They take a break during the summer time. This is a group of mothers who have kids from 0 - 5 years old. Ladies who are expecting a baby are also welcome to attend. They meet twice a month on Tuesdays from 9AM - 11AM at Church of Sandhurst. In addition to providing a place for mothers to meet other mothers, childcare is available during these meetings in a program called MOPPETS. Membership dues are only $25 per semester and $10 per child per semester for each semester. To get more information, go to:

Florence Moms and Tots (Florence, SC) from Meetup: There was a new moms group in Florence that I found on but as of 2018, I saw that they had cancelled this group. Maybe in the future, a new leader will come on there and create a new group so make sure you check on there once in awhile! 

'Bugs' Class for ages 4 months - 10 months old and 'Birds' Class for 10 months - 19 months old at The Little Gym: Don't think that your babies are too little to be enrolled in a physical development class like these! They are very fun and interactive and each accompanying parent with each baby in the class are participating the whole way, helping your babies develop into stronger human beings. Furthermore, you are also creating a fun bond and memories between parent and child along the way (essentially each parent comes for free because you only pay membership for the baby)! With music playing throughout each session, babies and their accompanying mothers (or fathers) are directed by instructors on how to encourage strength and courage in these little ones. To see their current schedule, go to: The great things about these classes is that you are guaranteed to meet other moms with babies within the same age group, so both mommy and babies get to interact with each other have these commonalities already coming into class. This is especially beneficial if you are a new mom and would like your baby to socialize with other babies around the same age. Click here to see pictures of The Little Gym in Florence, taken by

As always, this Florence Mom will continue to find any new or beneficial information around town for mommies and babies and we'll share them with you! 

Little Gym in Florence, SC promotes early physical developmental skills for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and grade school kids

October 9, 2017
Try your first trial class for your baby (4 months and up), toddler or preschooler for FREE at The Little Gym! 
As mothers, we often worry about teaching our babies and toddlers their ABC's, shapes, and numbers and hope that they don't fall behind in academics from their peers. What's also important and as we check off each milestone from our list, is that they also grow physically strong and not fall behind in sitting, crawling or walking.

And as they grow into preschoolers and become more daring, we want them as much as for ourselves, to have the confidence that they have the ability and strength to climb those bars at the playground at the park. Because after all, behind all the smarts, being a healthy, strong and confident human being as well, is pretty darn awesome. 

The Little Gym in Florence fosters early physical development for babies and their classes help kids reach developmental milestones in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.  They are much more than a gym for little kids, they provide the kids the means to play but also thrive. With age-appropriate exercises led by trained instructors, children from ages 4 months through 12 years old learn skills that help build confidence and a strong foundation. And just from learning more about The Little Gym, I believe these kids will carry these fond memories of discovery with them as they grow older.  Read about my very first trial visit to Little Gym and how it affected my baby with just one class. 

After giving birth, I know that the very last thing you want to think about is enrolling your future 4 month old into a class of any sort. You're kind of still recuperating from childbirth and getting use to a new mom and baby routine. However, this town is full of transplants. And if you've just moved here, it can get really, really lonely and it's much healthier for your state of mind as a mother, to find other moms with children of the same age group. The Little Gym provides that. Their 'Bugs' Class is for babies from 4 months to 10 months old. You are there with your child along with a group of other moms with their babies, helping them with their exercise. It's only 45 minutes long and you only have to bring them once a week. As an added bonus as a member (which they don't heavily promote on social media) is that you get to come to their Coffee & Mom Friends Social that happens once a month! This is a huge bonus and I think it's a pretty awesome way for new moms to be able to hang out with other moms. 

The Little Gym's 'Birds' Classes are for babies ages 10 months - 19 months and offers three different days for moms to choose from. See their schedule here: Usually within this age group, the babies are crawling or walking! With padded play equipment, your baby can enjoy instructor-led exercises gear towards this age group and some free play in a safe environment. 

A great program that The Little Gym in Florence has for 3 & 4 years olds is the WonderKids Club! It is a 3 hour session that includes a gymnastics class with active learning (instructor - led), immersive play, arts and crafts, story time and creative play with LEGO DUPLO! To me, it is like a preschool type class but reinforcing the physically development for these kids. The really awesome part about it is there is no monthly or weekly commitment. You pay per day! It is only $35 for club members and $40 for non-members. To learn more about WonderKids Club, go to:

On top of Coffee & Muffins with Mom Friends social events hosted for members once a month,  The Little Gym of Florence also hosts amazing special seasonal events (not posted on social media for privacy) that is also complimentary with your membership. These added bonuses are so great for both moms and kids!

The Little Gym of Florence is located at 1945 West Palmetto St., Ste. 115, Florence, SC 29501 and can be contacted at (843) 676-9001. As always, your first trial class for your child is always FREE. Call them to schedule the right date for you. 


The POP Zone is a great play area for babies and toddlers in Florence, SC

October 3, 2017
We went to The POP Zone's grand opening yesterday on October 2nd and my 3 year old and 1 year old sons had a wonderful time playing at the 2 hour Open Play time! With a play room popping (pun intended) with bright colors, my toddlers were instantly engaged upon arrival! 

Located at 906B S Cashua Dr., Florence, SC 29501, you can see their entire weekly schedule:

In addition to offering age-appropriate classes for babies and toddlers, The POP Zone also has a Mom's Morning Out program for ages 2-4 and hosts a Parents' Night Out for ages 3-10. To see all of their programs, go to:

If you're looking for a new place to host a birthday party for your child, they also offer birthday packages on the weekends!

In an intimate private space, the birthday boy or girl can blow out their candles and enjoy pizza and drinks! See The POP Zone's website for more information:


This Florence Mom will be coming back to The POP Zone really soon. To get updated on their upcoming events, join their facebook group: Tell them sent you to The Play Zone!

The 2017 Great American Eclipse happened in August and now hurricanes are coming after America

September 9, 2017
Is this in the bible? Was there a prophecy about this? A friend of mine asked his Facebook friends in a post about the multiple hurricanes that are coming after America and asked "Is this in the bible"? 

I did a bit of research online that cited Luke 21: 25-26 and so I opened my own international Holy Bible to confirm word for word (because I haven't read it cover to cover and don't memorize it) and this is what it says: "There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken." 

Do you know how old the bible is? Very, very old and for the fact that the total solar eclipse was ONLY seen in the United States of America in August 2017 and then only a few weeks later, Hurricane Harvey wiped out Houston, now Hurricane Irma is going to wipe out Florida (and upwards) and Hurricane Jose is on its the way? Is this a coincidence? Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? 

See the image of my bible for Luke 21:25-26 below.

New Seminar Brewing Location with great craft beer and worldly food

September 9, 2017
For a long while, it was rare to enjoy a nice craft beer and decent food without worrying about our two very mobile toddlers disturbing other people's nice dinners. Then, we visited the new Seminar Brewing location yesterday with the Kanza restaurant and it was like my prayer has been answered! With a watchful eye on our kids, we were able to sit down and enjoy a quick, casual meal with some beer flights. The kids were playing with the bean bags near the corn hole area and were content while mama and daddy enjoyed some tapped tastings and a very different Florentine meal. No kids crying, no patrons staring at us with disapproval and the adults get to enjoy going out to eat! Win, win, win!

 My favorite is the Alpha Cruces PHD

Located inside a warehouse, the place is spacious and not intimidating. We ordered at the bar and sit down with our table number until the beers and food were ready. Until then, we roamed around and played with the kids. So awesome! 

 This is how the inside of the the new Seminar location looks like.

 The Korean styled bao were very flavorful.
 The Southwest Shrimp Salad on Pastry Boat was delicious but I wish the pastry was softer and not so hard. 

Seminar Brewing, don't be surprised to see us again very soon! 
As with all the other reviews, all of this content is my own opinion alone and it has not been sponsored in any way. Check the new Seminar Brewing location out! Their address is 551 W. Lucas St., Florence, SC 29501.


Local Motive Brewing in Florence, SC - My first visit with good beer and food

August 3, 2017
I had my first visit at the new Local Motive Brewing in Downtown Florence last week and I was pretty impressed! It felt urban like many other brewery restaurants that I've been to before. They had flights of 4 for just $7! That is a steal! The flights that I had were 2 IPA's, a light beer and a new peach one and I have to say that these brewers know what they are doing! They also had high chairs so kids are allowed! Their food is also well done! The Royale with Cheese is a burger that's very tasty! I also ordered The Yard Bird Philly and I wasn't as impressed. It is still good but I would prefer the burger instead. For my 3 year old, I ordered the chicken bites with fries under the "Half Pint" list. Be sure to ask for fries to be unseasoned if you like them plain! 

Here are pictures from my visit below: 

Picture of inside the Local Brewing Company

My four flights. $7 for all 4 and I definitely shared with my husband!

Yard Bird Philly

Chicken Bites and unseasoned fries 

We can't wait to come back to Local Motive Brewing again to try their new brews! What a gem in Florence! 

Full Day Daycare and Childcare rates/prices in Florence for infants - 5 years old

May 25, 2017
I have been calling a handful of childcare/daycare prices/rates for my 1 year old since May 2017. I think the rates are safe to apply for any child between the ages of 3 months - before kindergarten (between 4 or 5 years old). This is for full day care. To save you some trouble, here are my findings. 

Saint Paul United Methodist Church - Their all day care is between 6:45am - 6pm and the cost is $125 per week so that equates to about $500 per month, per child. This includes breakfast, lunch and all snacks. (843) 669-3134

Central United Methodist Church Preschool - Edit for 2018: Central United Methodist Preschool's regular program is from 9AM - Noon and you can extend the care to 2:30pm as part of their lunch brunch program and even past that for another additional cost. Please call them to double check if anything has changed. Their program gets full very quickly! 

South Florence Baptist Daycare -
Their all day care is from 6:30am - 6pm and cost is $111 per week. It is for ages 6 weeks old - 4 years old. They have individual classrooms for each age level and offer the A-Beka Christian Curriculum. They provide a hot breakfast, lunch, and snacks – all included in your child’s tuition cost. They also use separate age-specific fenced playgrounds.

Charlie Brown Day Care - Their all day care is $125 a week so that is about $500 a month. (843) 665-1226. They are the closest to FDTC (about 10 min) in the group of daycares that I researched. Address: 1800 Gregg Ave., Florence, SC 29501. 

Sunshine House - Their full time care is $155 a week, so that is about $620 a month. Address: 2009 Second Loop Rd., Florence, SC 29501. Meals and snacks are all included. 

First Presbyterian Church Child Development Center - From 7am - 6pm year round, the child development center provides all day care for $135 a week, which is about $540 a month. Mid-morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks are included. It is for ages 6 weeks - 4k. Address: 700 Park Ave., Florence, SC 29501

Immanuel Baptist Church Child Care - Their full time care is $122 a week from 7am - 6pm, which is approximately $488 per month.
Address: 306 Cherokee Rd., Florence, SC 29501 Tele: (843) 665-9004

I will update this page with more details as I continue my search for the right daycare for my child. I hope this is helpful! Note that prices may have increased since I've called these places. Please note that each month has more than 4 weeks but I used 4 weeks as my calculation to compare the rates with each other. Facebook Page 

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