Do You Know a Local Hero Who Deserves Recognition? Nominate them for a Holiday Award.

October 16, 2019

Do You Know a Local Hero Who Deserves Recognition? Nominate them for a Holiday Award

Do you know a person who has impacted your life for the better through an act of bravery or service? The holidays are the perfect time to make an effort to recognize the people in our lives who have made sacrifices to make things better for all of us.

With this in mind, The Joye Law Firm has founded an annual contest designed to recognize a few of South Carolina’s unsung heroes with a holiday award. The SC local hero contest will award three holiday cash prizes of $1,000 to local heroes in December 2020.

Any South Carolina citizen can nominate someone for one of the awards. The only eligibility requirement is that the person making the nomination and the nominee be South Carolina citizens. The nomination process involves submitting an essay explaining why the nominee deserves one of the prizes.

The nomination prompt is as follows:

"To nominate a local hero, the entrant should write an essay of 600 words introducing us to the person you consider a local hero. Explain why the individual should be recognized for his or her deeds. We are prepared to be overwhelmed because we have encountered a number of people over the years who deserved recognition for their selfless and heroic actions. We know that they are out there."

Entries are due on 11/01/2019, and the prizes will be awarded in December.

Nominations can be made through the contest's page:

The Joye Law Firm partners are excited to have a chance to read about and recognize some of South Carolina’s unrecognized this holiday season. They look forward to reading the stories of courage and service submitted by SC citizens from across the state.  


The lawyers at the Joye Law Firm believe that everyone should be involved in giving back to their community to the best of their ability. They give back to SC residents with their annual scholarship, their annual local hero contest, and by giving to many local charities, such as the Charleston Animal Society.


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Summer Camps for Kids in Florence

June 8, 2019

Lynches River County Park Summer Camp
With fun indoor and outdoor activities like arts and crafts, field trips, games, activities, canoeing, splash pad and more for kids who like a real adventure, this is's #1 pick if you don't mind the longer drive. For kids ages from kindergarten through 5th grade. They start mid June through the beginning of Aug. Call 843-389-0550 to secure your child's spot. Address: 5094 County Park Rd., Coward, South Carolina 29530

MACK Summer Camp at Mcleod Health & Fitness Center
Summer Camp at McLeod Health & Fitness Center is for children ages 3 to 13 years. They offer Full-day camp: 8 am - 3:30 pm and Half-day camp: 8 am - 11:30 am or 12 pm - 3:30 pm. Before camp care is provided from 7:30 am - 8:00 am. Each week, campers will participate in various activities centered around the camp theme. The campers will also participate in swim lessons, indoor/outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and much more! This is a very active and physically challenging camp. For more information or to register for camps, call the McLeod Activity Center for Kids at 843-777-3030. From my personal experience, the smaller kids have a tougher time with the bigger kids and camp runs conjunction with the fitness center childcare for members working out at the facility, so make sure your child would be comfortable in this busy setting and environment first before enrolling. They are also strict about enrollment deadlines and can fill up quickly.
Address: 2437 Willwood Dr, Florence, SC 29501

Addie's Baby Art Summer Camp
If your child is an artist or love art and doesn't need to be in a summer camp for a long period of time, Addie's Baby is a great option! They have weekly and even daily themed projects for kids ages 7 and up! Snacks are included. The studio is located in downtown Florence so after dropping your artist off for some fun, take a mommy break around town. Call 843-229-5862 to register.
Address: 290 W Evans St., Florence, SC 29501

Girls University Summer Camp
Summer camps at Girls University is strictly for girls with field trips, projects, science, technology, engineering and art and positive role modeling! It's for grades kindergarten through 6th grade. They start on the second week of June and end mid-August. You can select to do it by week. Call 843-407-7937 to register.
Address: 1249 Celebration Blvd, Florence, SC 29501

YMCA Florence Summer Camp
The YMCA in Florence has separate groups for summer camp: preschool (3K and 4K) and the 5k - 6th grade. The grades that fill up first are usually between 5K - 3rd grade. Call 843-665-0226 to check and register your child's spot. Their summer camps here are fun with great long hours from 7AM - 6PM. This makes it helpful for parents who work full time jobs. They have weekly themes.
Address: 1700 Rutherford Dr., Florence, SC 29505

For summer camps for the little ones, go to the preschool favorites list for Florence, South Carolina


A Few Ways to Encourage Your Teen to Become a Safer Driver Today

May 16, 2019

No one likes to think about their child getting into a car accident. The thought can be terrifying, as we all know that car crashes can lead to injuries and even fatalities. However, it is important that parents of teens make sure that their children are doing everything they can to remain safe while learning to drive alone. The scary truth is that teenagers are three times more likely to get into a car accident than older drivers.

There are many reasons that teens are more likely to get into crashes, including distracted driving and driving under the influence. The good news is that most of these reasons are preventable, and parents can encourage their teens to take the actions to lower the risk of a crash. Here are a few steps that you can encourage your child to take as they learn to drive and after they get their license.

1) Encourage them to banish distractions.

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car crashes among teens, mainly due to the rising use of smartphones and other portable technology. Make sure your teen is putting their phone away while driving. Sending that text just isn’t worth a potentially fatal accident. Additionally, talk to your teen about other common distractions. Many people are so concerned about smartphone use while driving that they fail to realize there are many other things that can cause distractions for a driver. Eating and drinking, applying makeup, talking to passengers, and even looking out the window at something can distract a driver enough to cause a crash.

2) Talk to your teen about driving under-the-influence.

Many crashes among teenage drivers are caused by the driver being under-the-influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving under the influence can cause deadly crashes, and should be avoided under all circumstances. Even if a crash doesn’t occur, getting a DUI can mean costly fines, loss of a license, and other consequences. Make sure your teen understands that driving while slightly “buzzed” is still drunk driving. Additionally, if your teen is taking any prescription drugs that cause drowsiness, make sure they understand that even though they are legal, these prescriptions could still cause a crash. Lastly, make sure that your teen knows to never get into a car if the driver is drunk, high, or otherwise incapacitated. Making the choice to find a different ride home could safe your child’s life.

3) Make sure your teen knows not to drive drowsy.

Drowsy driving doesn’t receive the amount of attention and press time that drunk driving does, but the scary truth is that it can be just as destructive. Exhausted drivers can have slowed reaction times and cognitive functions, similar to drunk drivers. In addition, if a driver is tired enough, he or she may fall asleep at the wheel, possibly causing a deadly crash. Make sure your teenager understands how important it is to be properly rested before getting behind the wheel.

4) Make sure your teen is following the rules of the road.

Things like speeding and failing to yield to red lights can not only cause your teen to end up with a costly ticket or points on their license, they can also cause deadly accidents. Make sure your teen knows the rules of the road well before allowing them to drive on their own. And make sure they understand how important it is to actually follow these rules. It’s better to be a little late somewhere than to get into a crash while speeding.

5) Make sure your teen understands basic car maintenance.

Getting your first car is an exciting part of anyone’s life. When your teen reaches this milestone, celebrate with them, but also make sure they know how to properly care for their new vehicle. Not performing the proper maintenance on a vehicle can lead to costly repairs down the road. And if a vehicle malfunctions due to improper maintenance, it can cause accidents. Make sure your teen is performing regular maintenance on his or her new car. Go with them to the appointments at first, and make sure they understand basic car maintenance tasks, such as how to change a tire.

These are just a few things you can remind your teenager about in order to keep them as safe as possible on the road. Heading off on that first drive alone is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, so celebrate with your teen, while also encouraging safe and careful driving practices.

Author Biography:

This article was provided by the partners at The Joye Law Firm, who believe in giving back to their community through charity work, scholarships for promising local students, and free educational resources, such as this article.

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