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Little Gym in Florence, SC promotes early physical developmental skills for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and grade school kids

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2024 Update: Google reports that The Little Gym in Florence is now closed.

Try your first trial class for your baby (4 months and up), toddler or preschooler for FREE at The Little Gym! 
As mothers, we often worry about teaching our babies and toddlers their ABC's, shapes, and numbers and hope that they don't fall behind in academics from their peers. What's also important and as we check off each milestone from our list, is that they also grow physically strong and not fall behind in sitting, crawling or walking.

And as they grow into preschoolers and become more daring, we want them as much as for ourselves, to have the confidence that they have the ability and strength to climb those bars at the playground at the park. Because after all, behind all the smarts, being a healthy, strong and confident human being as well, is pretty darn awesome. 

The Little Gym in Florence fosters early physical development for babies and their classes help kids reach developmental milestones in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.  They are much more than a gym for little kids, they provide the kids the means to play but also thrive. With age-appropriate exercises led by trained instructors, children from ages 4 months through 12 years old learn skills that help build confidence and a strong foundation. And just from learning more about The Little Gym, I believe these kids will carry these fond memories of discovery with them as they grow older.  Read about my very first trial visit to Little Gym and how it affected my baby with just one class. 

After giving birth, I know that the very last thing you want to think about is enrolling your future 4 month old into a class of any sort. You're kind of still recuperating from childbirth and getting use to a new mom and baby routine. However, this town is full of transplants. And if you've just moved here, it can get really, really lonely and it's much healthier for your state of mind as a mother, to find other moms with children of the same age group. The Little Gym provides that. Their 'Bugs' Class is for babies from 4 months to 10 months old. You are there with your child along with a group of other moms with their babies, helping them with their exercise. It's only 45 minutes long and you only have to bring them once a week. As an added bonus as a member (which they don't heavily promote on social media) is that you get to come to their Coffee & Mom Friends Social that happens once a month! This is a huge bonus and I think it's a pretty awesome way for new moms to be able to hang out with other moms. 

The Little Gym's 'Birds' Classes are for babies ages 10 months - 19 months and offers three different days for moms to choose from. See their schedule here: Usually within this age group, the babies are crawling or walking! With padded play equipment, your baby can enjoy instructor-led exercises gear towards this age group and some free play in a safe environment. 

A great program that The Little Gym in Florence has for 3 & 4 years olds is the WonderKids Club! It is a 3 hour session that includes a gymnastics class with active learning (instructor - led), immersive play, arts and crafts, story time and creative play with LEGO DUPLO! To me, it is like a preschool type class but reinforcing the physically development for these kids. The really awesome part about it is there is no monthly or weekly commitment.

On top of Coffee & Muffins with Mom Friends social events hosted for members once a month,  The Little Gym of Florence also hosts amazing special seasonal events (not posted on social media for privacy) that is also complimentary with your membership. These added bonuses are so great for both moms and kids!

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