I took my 9 month old baby to a trial class for his age group at the Little Gym in Florence 2 days ago. I was thoroughly impressed and I was glad there were 7 other babies there that he could interact with while we were there. He learned to climb over obstacles with my help, some gymnastics and had some baby social time. The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. It seems pricey for 45 minutes but you really only need 45 minutes of active gym time for these kids and that is what this class supplied. It's well worth it. My son was super pooped by the end of the class. What was even more impressive was he bravely climbed on our sofa successfully by himself later that night for the first time! 

If your baby or kid is not in a daycare or preschool, I really suggest you try a trial to see if this class is for you! The trial is free. 

What I am really looking forward to utilizing is their Parents' Survival Nights/Outings where they will watch kids for an evening for 3 hours for a really good rate. It is only for kids from 3-12 and only $25 for members and $30 for non-members! They always schedule these on a Friday or Saturday. Importantly, your kid will need to be potty-independent. To see a more detail entry about The Little Gym of Florence, go tohttp://www.florencemom.com/florence-mom-blogs/little-gym-in-florence-sc-promotes-early-physical-developmental-skills-for-babies-toddlers-preschoolers-and-grade-school-kids