BTS (Bangtan Boys) Army

Many around the world are becoming BTS fans after seeing their interview from the Jimmy Fallon show and other famous shows in America. They are the #1 boy band in the world right now and are from South Korea. They've performed all around the world and their professionalism is world class. They are so hard-working and a group of 7 amazingly talented individuals: RMJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV and Jungkook. They call their fans, their "army". 

Fans admire them as entertainers but also the hardships they've endured. After 5 years (debut was 2013), they've made it to America and now all generations are listening to their music too. 

(You can widen the youtube video to full screen to read English subtitles.) 
A couple of many favorite songs from BTS Bangtan Boys include "Fake Love" and "4 O'Clock. 

They were also interviewed by Ellen Degeneres!